Welcome to the world of EQUINOX Productions!

Located in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, EQUINOX Studios offers since 2008 state-of-the-art technology, qualified service and the often underestimated cozy atmosphere, a real ZEN place, build by an well known acoustician to deliver high quality post-production, musical and sound recordings as well as Foley and sounddesign with its huge sound library.

Take a look at our studios equipped with the most famous hardware & newest software, with tons of plugins and our synthesizer studio using rare vintage synthesizers such as Fairlight and Synclavier.

Soundtracks and soundscapes for movies as well as custom made jingles and tracks for commercials can be composed, arranged, recorded and produced in our analogue (Mackie) or digital (Protools) studios.

Equinox Productions works exclusively with native speakers to get the best voice-overs and -offs at affordable rates to meet our and your high quality expectations. We produce the result according to your entire desire, compose music or jingles and create sound and more for stunning commercials, jingles or passionate corporate movies to emphasize your company's image.

Via market leading advertising companies, great ads got their native speakers in many languages, sound and music in our studio for either radio, television or either 5:1 cinema.

In order to guarantee a high quality of your or our movie we can assure the recording on set as well as the video editing with Final Cut as well the sound post production in our studios with their foley artists and sounddesign with its huge sound library. And most importantly, these different cooperations are of utmost interest to all producers an co-producers as they will receive not only the best possible quality as we as your potential post production suppliers are also your coproducer in our common movie, but also a lot of points in the scoring system/grid, which enables the European (co) producer to receive incentives/tax shelter advantages, the Audiovisual Investment Certificate Program (CIAV), which provides assistance to offset a proportion of production costs incurred in the European Union. Find this list here.

Contact us for more details or if an facility deal could arrange you better.